Hanging out in our 20-song Milwaukee summer music playlist is “Daylight,” a track from 21-year-old rapper Vonny Del Fresco. Musically, it’s the perfect song for a hazy summer day—laid-back and blissed-out—though there are serious themes of hope and redemption shimmering throughout the lyrics. Combine that with Del Fresco’s sophisticated-but-unfussy rapping, and you have a winning song from one of Milwaukee’s most promising young artists. If only there was a full album…

Ah! But there is! Today, Del Fresco unveiled his debut full-length album, Memoirs, via music blog Pigeons And Planes. The 11-track collection contains songs in the same vein as “Daylight” (“The Memoir,” “Youth”), a few harder-edged songs (“I’m The Man,” “Adult Lessons”) and a terrific collaboration with Klassik (“Never Die). “These are my memoirs, my wisdom, my knowledge obtained,” Del Fresco tells Pigeons And Planes. “Not just knowledge of self, but everything that stood around me, the world and where I desire to stand in it.”

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