When we last checked in with Rocket Paloma, the solo-act-turned-full-band was releasing a self-titled, four-song debut EP. “The full-bodied, unabashedly rock sound the band so effortlessly channels is light years removed from the sweet, poppy folk of its roots,” we wrote at the time

[Singer Joanna] Kerner began Rocket Paloma as a solo act soon after taking a composition class at Cardinal Stritch, using her self-described “choir geek” tendencies to craft a charming-but-tentative acoustic singer-songwriter EP. But as Kerner’s sound developed, so did her ambitions: with the piece-by-piece additions of Jack Beyler on guitar, Jonathan Blohm on bass, and Bob Schaab on drums, Rocket Paloma became a full-fledged rock concern.

Now, seven-odd months and a summer of gigs later, the band has unveiled a new music video. The clip for the sprawling and manic “Critic’s Choice” was directed and edited by Shiloh DeBauch of Sound and Fury Productions, and was filmed at the home of bassist Jonathan Blohm. “So let’s chalk one up on the board for my faults,” sings Kerner, “And let’s count up all the times I’ve come short / And let’s not leave anything out / And never let me forget I have been wrong.” Toss in some air guitar on tennis rackets and tree branches, as well as some literal kitchen-sink drumming, and we’ll go with the band’s final scoring of its video.

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