In late 2022, Robot Witch debuted a new, enlarged lineup with the release of a self-titled EP that found the outfit (mostly) setting aside its synthesizers in favor of a sound that incorporated elements of psych rock and punk. A music video, a handful of shows, and some radio play followed in 2023. Along the way, the ever-evolving project saw one of its guitarists depart, which brought about even more sonic adjustments.

Those changes can be heard in the band’s aptly-named Make A Change EP, which shows a decidedly leaner and meaner version of Robot Witch. That’s stressed from the jump as the release’s opening song/title track launches into motion with effects reminiscent of a revving engine, which eventually give way to a song that melds the band’s synth-laden past with elements of garage rock and even a dash of new wave. Following a melodic instrumental intro, second song—”The One I Used To Know”—sees the quartet plying aspects of alternative rock to the musical gumbo, then veering into EP standout “Trequil” that’s equal parts psych and electronic.

Lofty guitar solos and (now) only singer Matthew Lubus’ anthemic vocals carry “On The Deck” to terrain previously uncharted in the EP’s trio of preceding songs. Finally, the theme of, well, adhering to no genre-specific theme whatsoever continues with a remixed version of “Make A Change” that sets aside drums and string instruments in favor of electronic production to end the effort.

Throughout the band’s relatively brief run, Robot Witch has changed shape, shifted sound, and made a point to let listeners know they should expect the unexpected. That’s never been as apparent as it is on the Make A Change EP. Before Robot Witch’s EP release show at Cactus Club on Wednesday, April 3, you can listen to Make A Change in its entirety below.

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