Our fat-free, dolphin-safe Milwaukee calendar is chock-full of things to do, but only a handful of events contained therein are worthy of the lofty “Record Recommended” (patent pending) honor. Here are our recommendations for the week of November 16-22, 2015.

Monday, November 16

Skinny Puppy + Youth Code @ The Rave
Music fans of a certain age can probably remember that one guy or girl in high school that was way into Skinny Puppy. Hell, maybe they were that one guy or girl. Either way, fans of the industrial godfathers may be decades older these days, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be out in force for this show at The Rave. (It’ll be dirty, grimy, and dangerous—and then Skinny Puppy will play!) The band’s latest album is 2013’s Weapon.

Tuesday, November 17

WMSE Local/Live: Midnight Reruns @ Club Garibaldi
Late last month, local rockers Midnight Reruns put out Force Of Nuture, their 10-song sophomore record which is on the very short list of best Milwaukee records of 2015. By the time the album came out, the Reruns were already on the road, playing shows out on the east coast and in the southeast part of the country. Following an album release this past weekend at Cactus Club, the Reruns will drop by Club Garibaldi for a live broadcast of WMSE’s always awesome Local/Live show. There’s no reason you shouldn’t drop by, too; the show is free.

Thursday, November 19

Three Floyds Punk House Kegger Party: Dorth Nakota + Piles @ Burnhearts
After an incredibly well-received inaugural installment that featured music from Volunteer and Soup Moat, and rare fermented delicacies from Three Floyds Brewery pushed the bar to Mitten Fest-like capacity last November, Burnhearts decided to bring back its Punk Rock House Kegger Party for a second year. This time around, new supergroup Dorth Nakota is confirmed to play along with Piles. As for beer, patrons will be able to enjoy Amber Smashed Face, Zombie Dust, Alpha Naught, Arctic Panzer, Battle Priest, Yum Yum, and Jinx Proof.

Also: Steve Earle And The Dukes + The Mastersons @ Turner Hall

Friday, November 20

Steve Martin + Martin Short, The Steep Canyon Rangers @ Riverside Theater
There are comedy legends, and then there are Comedy Legends. Steve Martin and Martin Short clearly belong in the latter, capitalized category. Alone and together, the two Martins have redefined stand-up comedy, served as legendary sketch and film stars, and kept a charmingly old-school show-business vibe alive and well into the 21st century. So, let it be known that the men behind Lucky Day and Ned Nederlander will bring the funny to the Riverside Theater. The so-called “Evening You Will Forget For The Rest Of Your Life” will feature stand-up, musical numbers, film clips, and conversation from the Comedy Legends, as well as a performance from Martin’s longtime bluegrass pals, Steep Canyon Rangers.

Greil Marcus, Jon Langford, Sally Timms: The History Of Rock & Roll In Ten Songs @ Wehr Hall
For his 2014 book The History Of Rock ’N’ Roll In 10 Songs, legendary rock critic Greil Marcus chose to ignore the obvious and well-trodden, and instead focus on 10 disparate songs (recorded between 1956 and 2008) to dramatize the story of the already storied genre. Thus, Joy Division takes a seat next to Etta James, and Beyonce sidles up next to Amy Winehouse. For this can’t-miss Alverno Presents show, the Mekons’ Jon Langford and Sally Timms will join Marcus to discuss (and perform) each of the “Ten Songs.”

Also: Scrimshaw (record release) + Wood Chickens, Ravi/Lola @ Cactus Club

Andrea Gibson @ The Back Room At Colectivo

El Vy + Soren Juul @ Turner Hall

Joseph Huber Band + Driveway Thriftdwellers @ Anodyne Coffee Walker’s Point

MAM After Dark: On The Edge @ Milwaukee Art Museum

Saturday, November 21

Tapebenders (record release) + The Rashita Joneses, Body Futures, Brat Sounds @ Cactus Club
What’s to say, really? This is just a good show with a stacked lineup. The fact that it’s a dual release show for Tapebenders and The Rashita Joneses makes it an even more special show.

Also: The Belle Weather (record release) + Ricky Ganiere, Micah Olsan And The Many @ Club Garibaldi

Sunday, November 22

Peeper & Le Play + Nudie Suits, Creepers, Wassup From Wassau @ Riverwest Public House
The delightfully titled Mandatory Fantasies finds Peeper & Le Play (Trusty Knife frontman Zack Pieper and Milwaukee film/music staple Didier Leplae) tumbling down a sonic rabbit hole of cockeyed funk, off-kilter disco, warped indie, and general experimental fuckery for 18 kidding-not-kidding tracks. “Allow Me” and “Bedtime” play like Ween at its most playful and Prince-esque, dropping lines like “Had to pay the milkman / To take your money down / To the DMV.” “Funny Money” dips its toe into outré hip-hop, “Jake’s Day Off” pits two narrators against each other to tell a ridiculously mundane story, and “The Haunted Hot Tub (Surrounded!)” is everything you’d hope for from a song called “The Haunted Hot Tub (Surrounded!).” Along the way there are oodles of processed vocals, diversions worthy of early Guided By Voices, and plenty of crack musicianship. Oh, and it’s really funny.