While no stranger to Milwaukee ears in live settings, it took Phylums a remarkably long time to get around to that whole “release a debut LP” thing. After being literally years in the making, the audio outset known as Phylum Phyloid finally saw its belated release last August. The 12-pack of timeless three-chord rock proved to be unquestionably worth the wait, with the peppy “Stutter Bug” and infectious “Go Home,” among others. Though the jury is out on whether it will be another four-plus years before another Phylums record sees the light of day, the band was kind enough to put out a music video for Phyloid standout song “Cold Coffee.”

Courtesy of Micronic World Studios owner/animator and Rock And Roller Remote Controller videographer Mark Peterson (who previously brought you Sugar Stems’ great “We Only Come Out At Night” video), a Fuel Cafe napkin is transformed into a faraway land wherein a pen-drawn protagonist dodges dragons and comets, risks death and drowning, and even evades the Grim Reaper. All the while, Phylums’ sweet harmonies, jangling guitars, and warm organ offset the stress of the arduous animated journey. Before Phylums play with The Squish and The Ornerys at Cactus Club on Friday, drink in the innovative imagery of the “Cold Coffee” video today.

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