Ever have one of those Fridays where not one, not two, not three, but four Milwaukee musical acts release new music? Well, today is one of those Fridays! Without further ado, let’s listen to…

Large Print – In The Clouds

The new seven-track release from Milwaukee indie-rock outfit Large Print goes by fast—no song cracks the three-minute mark, and several come in under two minutes—but it leaves quite the impression. Singer Grace Mitchell is as droll and as deadpan as ever, and Large Print’s music comfortably resides in that hazy brain space between twilight and half-remembered dream. It’s a lovely and gorgeously produced album, best listened to in one sitting while staring out the window on a cloudy day.

Immortal Girlfriend – “Beams (I Know You Love Me)”

It’s been nearly a year since electro-synth brother duo Immortal Girlfriend released a new song. Twenty-twenty-one’s “Beyond The Blue” was spiked with a sense of late-night promise and danger; the new “Beams (I Know You Love Me)” is a bit softer around the edges, but it still shines with Immortal Girlfriend’s sleek retro-future sound. Be sure to also check out a new video for 2021’s “Seeker,” as well as brothers William and Kevin Bush in their own cooking show, No Leftovers.

Negative/Positive – “The Original Soft​-​Hearted New York Man™”

Following the release of 2021’s excellent Mint Bag (Bag Full Of Mints), members of Milwaukee indie-rock band Negative/Positive packed up and headed to college. It was a bittersweet sendoff: The group had formed in 2013 at the inaugural Girls Rock Milwaukee camp when its members where only 11, 12, and 13 years old. Negative/Positive’s music grew by leaps and bounds in the ensuing eight years, and Mint Bag showed a band ready to break out. That band is still technically on hiatus, but “The Original Soft​-​Hearted New York Man™” (recorded before college) will anchor an upcoming EP, I Will Spend My Entire Life Savings On One Cool Hat, due later this month.

Kiings – “Let The Water Clear Me”

Milwaukee producers Chris Siegel and Sean Foran formed Kiings in 2012, garnering attention by remixing songs by local acts like Field Report, Vic And Gab, and Group Of The Altos. A full-length record of original tracks followed in 2015 (WWYDF), as did a single in 2019 (“We Know Better”). After finishing the instrumental track for the new “Let The Water Clear Me,” Siegel and Foran searched the web for a vocalist. They eventually landed on Dublin, Ireland-based J Fitz. The results are spectacular, and mark a welcome Return of the Kiings.

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