Our fat-free, dolphin-safe Milwaukee events calendar is chock-full of things to do, but only a handful of events are worthy of the lofty honor of “Record Recommended” (patent pending). Here are our recommendations for the week of March 4-10, 2019.


Tuesday Tunes: Max Devereaux @ Kindred On K.K.
Milwaukee Record has joined forces with Kindred On K.K. to bring you “Tuesday Tunes.” The Tuesday evening performance series features eight weeks of music from some of the city’s favorite artists. There’s no cover for these shows, which all run from 7 to 9 p.m. Tonight’s show features the wildly prolific Max Devereaux. As always, Kindred’s kitchen and bar will offer their full menu, and their Tuesday night happy hour (including $2 oysters and $5 old fashioneds) will last all night.

Yum Yum Cult + Good Night Gold Dust, Warhola Cats @ Cactus Club
Yum Yum Cult has only been around for a year, but if you listen to Milwaukee-made music with any regularity, you’ve surely encountered some of its components. The new-ish project features current and former members of Ugly Brothers, Antler House, Abby Jeanne, Temple, Moon Rats, Ladders, and many other Milwaukee music mainstays. With each of the three-piece’s parts busy in other endeavors, this side project exists to scratch a creative itch not addressed in any of the members’ other endeavors.

Jacob Banks + Abir, Lucien Parker @ The Back Room @ Colectivo


The Toasters + Something To Do @ Shank Hall
Depending on who you ask, ska on its deathbed. Though some have reduced the once-formidable genre to a cheap punchline, a small-but-passionate guild of musicians with horns and a proclivity for upstrokes are keeping the remaining fans of the world skanking year’s after ska’s golden era. Among those musicians is the seven-piece Something To Do, who have been playing out since 2003 and show no signs of stopping. Tonight, the group opens for the legendary Toasters.


A Folk House Kegger @ Burnhearts
Burnhearts and Solemn Oath Brewery are teaming up for an eclectic night of entertainment they’re calling “A Folk House Kegger.” Starting at 6 p.m., the bar will host a varied cast of musicians, poets, storytellers, comedians, and even a human statue. No doubt inspired by the atmosphere of The Gaslight Cafe in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Burnhearts owner William Seidel set out to bring a wide range of art forms to the event. A Folk House Kegger will feature musical performances from Jeff Falk, King Courteen, and Amanda Huff. There will be a storytellers Leah Delaney and Steph Kilen, and poetry by Kavon Cortez-Jones. Dana Ehrmann and Carter Deems will do stand-up, and human statue Alice Wilson will treat the bar to a live performance as well. The event will also function as a tap takeover for Solemn Oath.

Writers Round: Chris Porterfield + Joe Crockett, Ellie Jackson, Ian Olvera @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn
Want to see some of the city’s best singer-songwriters on one stage? Then get yourself to Linneman’s for the latest installment in Chris Porterfield’s monthly music series, Writers Round. This month features the formidable talents of Joe Crockett, Ellie Jackson, and Ian Olvera.

John Fogerty @ Riverside Theater
Hey man, you know this guy? It’s John Fogerty! Rock and roll singer! You probably think of him as some fucker that likes to bite the heads off of chickens!

Avenues + Devils Teeth @ Tonic Tavern

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal + Angel Du$t, Guardin, Immortal Girlfriend @ The Back Room @ Colectivo

Gold Connections + Cabin Essence, So Zuppy @ Cactus Club


Jim Jefferies @ Riverside Theater
Over the course of his many years on stage in his native Australia, the United Kingdom, and, now, here in the states, Jim Jefferies hasn’t shied away from speaking his mind (usually with humorous results). As the acerbic Aussie’s material developed and became exceedingly more vicious, his star as a stand-up only grew. With increased notoriety came increased scrutiny from the ever-growing audience aware of his fearless and deliberately offensive material, which only found Jefferies railing even harder against even more controversial issues and sects of society on stage. By the time the controversial comic took some verbal swings at gun enthusiasts, Jefferies’ pointed brand of stand-up was sustaining itself.

Lady Cannon (record release) + Hello Death, Half Gringa @ Cactus Club
What to expect from the latest Lady Cannon record, Fortune’s Darling? According to Martha Cannon: “It’s all over the place, and I think that’s why I hesitated for so long to release it. It’s been finished for two years and I couldn’t figure out what the heck to do with it. Was it supposed to be two EPs? Or no album at all and only singles? I still don’t know the answer, but it felt like time to move on and stop overthinking it. I can say that I play with some of the most amazing talent in Milwaukee—Pat Reinholz, Barry Paul Clark, Andrew Trim, and Devin Drobka—so the more you listen to it, the more gems you’ll hear. There are layers. Other than that, it’s standard Lady Cannon: drinking, promiscuity, flawed protagonists, broken hearts, et cetera.”

International Women’s Day Celebration @ Company Brewing
International Women’s Day recognizes women’s achievements and commemorates the women’s rights movement. And what better way to spend it than by enjoying the homegrown talents of Ruth B8r Ginsburg, Shle Berry, Amanda Huff, The Four Of Us, Ms. Lotus Fankh, Holly Haebig, Dena Aronson, and DJ DRiPSweat?

Pay The Devil (record release) + SS Web, Beaumont James & The Wild Claims, Eoin McCarthy @ Walker’s Point Music Hall

Mike Doughty Plays Soul Coughing’s Ruby Vroom @ Turner Hall Ballroom

Joybird + Nickel&Rose, Xalaat Music @ Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery


Celebration! A Night Of Honoring Heroines In The Arts: Saebra & Carlyle + Proud Parents, B-Free, NO/NO, Fox Face, Amanda Huff, DJ RYOT @ Club Garibaldi
Tonight, a variety of local musicians, artists, and businesses will be “honoring heroines in the arts” at Club Garibaldi during an event and benefit show that’s simply known as “Celebration!” The Bay View bar will be alive with the sounds of Saebra & Carlyle, Proud Proud Parents, B~Free, NO/NO, Fox Face, Amanda Huff, and DJ RYOT. There will be live painting by Jenny Anderson and Anna Rodriguez, raffle prizes from local businesses, and free food from Cafe Corazon and Foltz Family Market. Proceeds form the show will be donated to Planned Parenthood Of Wisconsin.

The Get Down @ Mad Planet


17th Annual WMSE Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser @ MSOE Kern Center
Since the early aughts, WMSE has assembled the city’s most skilled chili connoisseurs to vie for prizes during its annual Rockabilly Chili fundraiser. This year, more than 60 restaurants, bars, and cafes will compete. As chili season’s conclusion is nigh, end it in the best way imaginable.

Cream Vellum (EP release) + Bum Alum, Duzt @ High Dive