Milwaukee is chock-full of things to do, but only a handful of events are worthy of the lofty honor of “Record Recommended” (patent pending). Here are our recommendations—brought to you by Lilliput Records—for August 28 – September 3, 2023.


The Baseball Project + Trapper Schoepp @ Turner Hall Ballroom
“The Baseball Project had its origins way back in 1992 when musicians Scott McCaughey (the Minus 5, the Young Fresh Fellows) and Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate, Gutterball) met and discovered they shared a passionate interest in baseball. The plan to make an album of original modern rock songs about the fascinating stories and stars of America’s pastime sat on the back burner, though, until 2007, when the pair sat down in earnest to write and record the project.”

Musical Mondays: Robbie Fulks @ Lake Park Summer Stage


Chill On The Hill: Shonn Hinton + Dick Satan Trio @ Humboldt Park
It pains us to say it, but this is the final Chill On The Hill of 2023. Sad but true! Bust out your lawn chairs and blankets one last time and enjoy the always enjoyable Dick Satan Trio, followed by the equally enjoyable Shonn Hinton. And remember, the ironclad “If it makes a cloud, it’s not allowed” rule still applies to the final Chill.

The Offspring + Sum 41, Simple Plan @ American Family Insurance Amphitheater
About 15 months removed from a show at The Rave, veteran radio rockers The Offspring return to Milwaukee to, once again, play in support of their 2021 album Let The Bad Times Roll. The Offspring will be joined by Sum 41 (who have announced their intentions to end the band next year) and Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan.

Dale Hollow + HOSTS, RAT BATH @ Cactus Club
“A bit Andy Kaufman, a little Orville Peck, a hint of Father John Misty, Dale Hollow possesses ‘a fascinating combination of performance and purveyed authenticity,’ as the lifestyle magazine Mundane once posited, while also noting that ‘no other country music artist has ever claimed to be the best, except for Dale Hollow.'”

Riverwalk Commons Concert Series @ Milwaukee Public Market


Portrayal Of Guilt + GAG, Fearing, Snag @ Cactus Club
“Portrayal of Guilt eschew predictability. While the Austin, Texan outfit have released material at a rapid clip since their formation only six years ago, it has been near-impossible to predict what each ensuing release might sound like. The only window into what to expect has been those releases’ titles, wallowing in themes of affliction, isolation, and just plain underworld allusion. Naturally, this leads to…Devil Music.”


The Weird And Wonderful World Of Industrial Musicals with Steve Young @ The Cooperage
If you’re aware of Industrial Musicals—an obscure subgenre that basically combines Broadway-style numbers with sales jargon you’re likely to hear in a boardroom—you’ve almost certainly heard of Steve Young. The former Letterman writer’s affinity for this odd musical sect was chronicled in Bathtubs Over Broadway, an acclaimed documentary about Young and his unique hobby. As one of the world’s most avid Industrial Musical collectors and among the foremost authorities on the subject, Young occasionally treats audiences to some of his favorite pieces during live shows. Tonight, join Young and Milwaukee Record—proud media sponsors of the event—in celebrating The Weird And Wonderful World Of Industrial Musicals at The Cooperage.

I Think You Should Leave Pop-Up & Art Show @ The Sugar Maple (through September 3)
“The Pop Up will feature an I Think You Should Leave theme-related Art Exhibit featuring local artists, a local vendor fair with products related to the ITYSL series, a costume contest featuring three categories, a stand-up comedy show with Micheal Kittelson as the host, a Baby Of The Year Award Parade and Contest, Mario Cantotis award-winning bake shop, food truck Cocina Filipina, Sweet Smoke BBQ, Savage Support Hot Dog BBQ, and a Truffoni’s Restaurant featuring Chef Aaron Miles from Oggie’s Kitchen.”

Third Space Presents: The Keystones @ Third Space Brewing
Last year, Third Space Brewing graciously added even more entertainment to Milwaukee’s well-stocked summer concert calendar by debuting its “Third Space Presents” music series on its gorgeous new outdoor deck stage. This year’s series has been bringing a wide range of outstanding Wisconsin acts to the brewery every Thursday night, and continues tonight with a set from The Keystones. Only two more weeks to go!

The Chapelle Show: Wave Chapelle + 2HI, Superstar Sel, T!ny, Eli $tones @ Cactus Club

Kat And The Hurricane + ADORNER, Alley Eyes @ Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery

State Of Sound: Grey Genius @ Radio Milwaukee

Pentatonix + Lauren Alaina @ American Family Insurance Amphitheater

Jazz In The Park: The Kal Bergendahl Project & “Come Together” (The Beatles Soulfully Reimagined) @ Cathedral Square Park


The Trusty Knife (vinyl re-release) + Spidora, Delicious Monsters @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn
The Trusty Knife existed in that weird pre-streaming, pre-Bandcamp, pre-Soundcloud era of DIY Milwaukee music. Burnt CDs were the order of the day, sold mostly at shows and prone to eventual misplacement and deterioration. The Trusty Knife’s self-titled debut was released in this format in 2008; aside from a small run of 7-inch records for single “Natural Habitat,” that was it. Fast-forward to 2020, when Dusty Medical Records plucked the album from near-obscurity, treated it to a Justin Perkins remastering, put it on modern streaming services, and reissued it on a vinyl LP. “Timeless pop music from one of the great overlooked bands of 2000s-era American Indie Rock,” reads the Dusty Medical description, which is spot-on.

Mildred Fish-Harnack Memorial Concert: Ruth B8r Ginsburg + Glutton For Insurrection, Brandon Payton-Carrillo, Lil’ Guillotine, DJ Dr!psweat @ Turner Hall Ballroom
“Come celebrate the life and achievements of a true antifascist hero, born right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will be celebrating her with an exciting lineup of regional musical talents including Ruth B8r Ginsburg, Glutton for Insurrection, Brandon Payton-Carrillo, Lil’ Guillotine, and DJ Dr!psweat! Stand with us in solidarity against the forces of fascism in our country and communities! All proceeds from this event go to the creation of this event as well as future antifascist organizing and education.”

Rex Tanky (EP release) + Kill.Dawn, Lil Jul, Gucco @ Cactus Club

Dick Satan + Gnasdells @ Circle-A Cafe

The Ocean Blue + The Hang Ups @ Shank Hall

Wisconsin Highland Games @ Waukesha Expo Center, Waukesha (through September 3)

Friday Night Retro Dance Party: DJ Paul H @ Mad Planet


The Globe Reunion Show @ Mirmar Theatre
Remember The Globe East? You know, the legendary East Side music club that opened in 1993 and closed in 2003? The one located at 2028 E. North Ave. before the space hosted [deep breath] Live, Lava, The Hotel Foster, Snack Boys, Plant Boys, Nice Times, and a “Las Vegas-inspired” sports bar that was announced earlier this year but never actually happened? Yeah, that Globe. Well, 20 years after The Globe East’s closure, a Globe East reunion show is set to take over the Miramar Theatre. On deck for the 12-hour extravaganza will be [deep breath] Junk Fud, Secret Goldfish, Soma, Orange Ruffy, Miss Trixie, White Blotter, Mona Lisa OD, Banana, Mississippi Cactus, The Benjamins, Big Dumb Dick, The Truck, Black Belt Theater, Ethan Keller, Fictional God, The Invaders, The Exotics, and Big Bang Theory.

Shrekfest @ Humboldt Park
“Shrekfest is the ultimate celebration of love, laughter, and everyone’s favorite green ogre. Held annually by 3GI Industries, this free, all-ages event takes place on September 2 at Humboldt Park in Milwaukee, WI. With thrilling games, electrifying live music, and a captivating movie screening, Shrekfest promises an unforgettable experience for all. Rain or shine, join us in the Kingdom of Milwaukee, armed with blankets, chairs, and plenty of onions. Get ready to dive into the swamp and immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Shrekfest!”

Shrekfest After Party @ X-Ray Arcade
“Featuring an Ogre-sized set from Milwaukee’s own Man Random! Plus! Shrek-themed food and drink specials, and a set from DJ County Conservation District.”

Shrek Rave @ The Rave/Eagles Club
“It’s dumb. Just come have fun!”

Blacktop (record release) + SSAANN, Shell Bells @ Cactus Club

Sex Scenes + Holy Shit, Peroxide @ Circle-A Cafe

Pottery Festival @ Beth Eaton Pottery

Non-Pop! @ Mad Planet


The Benjamins + Clementine @ Promises
If you missed the big Benjamins reunion during Saturday’s big Globe reunion, you can catch them at this afternoon Promises show. The always excellent Clementine opens.

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