Happy Halloween, Milwaukee! Do you enjoy spiking your Halloween festivities with something a little campy, something a little psych-y, and something that lightly goofs on Ghost Adventures? Then take a pull from the video for “Banshee In The Forest,” courtesy of Milwaukee stoner/psych-rock band Zang! And yes, “Zang!” includes an exclamation mark, so you know the group is gonna be good.

Zang! is Rusty Edlund, Mike Stich, and Andrea Milewski. “Banshee In The Forest” comes from the trio’s upcoming full-length album Unearthly Delights, set to be released on 4/20/24, heh. The video, meanwhile, was shot at Escuela Verde, in the city’s Silver City neighborhood, by Jennell Jenney.

Also, where would the highly scientific field of ghost hunting be without night-vision DV cams? OH SHIT, WHAT WAS THAT?!

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