You know that painfully human thing of knowing you shouldn’t do something, but doing it anyway? You know that gnawing, festering, erosive guilt that comes with it? Yeah, we all do. And so does Milwaukee indie-rock band Cozy Danger, who recently released a song about it! An upbeat, catchy, head-bopping song! About guilt! Called “Again”! Fun!

“And I drink and I smoke and I’m watching TV / And I buy all the things that I really don’t need,” Jake Brandt sings in the song’s pre-chorus. “And I eat and I sleep and I’m crossing the line / And it all kinda sucks but I really don’t mind.” Been there, done that, Cozy Danger. Listen to it now:

“I wrote the song as Chris (our guitarist/co-lead vox) was struggling with his sobriety,” Brandt says. “Happily, Chris will mark two years alcohol-free in April. The song tries to convey that inner monologue of guilt for doing something you know you shouldn’t, but then going ahead and doing it anyways.”

“Again” is from Cozy Danger’s upcoming full-length record Orange Feels, due out this summer on orange splatter vinyl. It will be the group’s first new release since 2022.

“The album title was drawn from the rollercoaster time when we were writing these songs,” Brandt says of the Shane Hochstetler-recorded, Justin Perkins-mastered record. “Chris’ struggles and then subsequent recovery are representative of the two colors: red and yellow, mixing together to turn the vibe of this whole record orange.”

And oh yeah, totally unrelated, but if you’re in the market for a new pizza cutter you can totally buy a branded Cozy Danger pizza cutter. “It slices, it dices, it’s kinda sharp,” the band says. Ten bucks! Cheap!

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