It’s only Tuesday. We’re in the final infuriating days leading up to the 2020 General Election. We’re still dealing with a pandemic that seriously might never end. If you need a pick-me-up for any of those reasons (or any other reasons, for that matter), we might have just the thing.

Lately, Milwaukee treasure and friend of the site Andy Junk has graciously been posting soundboard recordings of shows that took place at Concert Cafe—an iconic Green Bay club that closed almost 20 years ago (after a brief rebranding as “Rock-N-Roll High School”)—on his YouTube page. Over the weekend, Junk uploaded a March 12, 1999 performance by The Promise Ring.

For those keeping track at home, that’s more than six months before the emo stalwarts released Very Emergency. They treat the all-ages crowd to a few of those “new” songs along with some favorites from Nothing Feels Good. Come for the raw audio of an unforgettable band performing at a special place. Stay for Davey’s top-notch banter between songs. Enjoy!

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