Midwest Death Rattle really upped the ante with the release of Post-Apocalypso. The ambitious, quasi-conceptual 2016 record elevated the indie rock outfit from mid-tier local band to a certified must-hear Milwaukee mainstay. With growing awareness and appreciation also come increases expectation and anticipation. What would Midwest Death Rattle do next? Was Post-Apocalypso an anomaly or a sign of even more promising things to come? The answers to those questions will be revealed later this month, when the band puts out Square Wave, the first of two digital EPs the band is planning to release in the near future.

Prior to the band’s January 27 Square Wave release show at Cactus Club, Midwest Death Rattle is giving listeners an early preview of EP’s self-titled single. The “Square Wave” music video was shot and directed by Ross Monagle—the videographer behind recent videos for Moon Curse and Guerrilla Ghost—at the Lincoln Warehouse. Footage of the band performing the sleek and dance-able title track is interspersed with shots of a wild (and decidedly weird) party. The costumed party-goers occasionally take a break from dancing and reach into the fridge for a cold one…and a surprise. Come for the awesome new Midwest Death Rattle song and stay for the surprise twist.

Before Midwest Death Rattle formally releases Square Wave at Evelyn’s (Racine) on Friday, January 26 and at Cactus Club on Saturday, January 27, watch the video for “Square Wave” below.

MIDWEST DEATH RATTLE – SQUARE WAVE from Ross Monagle on Vimeo.

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