Cree Myles‘ voice is wonderful. It’s shining, shimmering, splendid. It’s like something out of a movie. Fittingly, the Milwaukee artist will be singing songs from some of her favorite films this weekend. Saturday night, Company Brewing will be like a whole new world, as Myles and the likes of D’Amato, New Boyz Club, Bo Triplex, and The Birches will be performing songs from a wide variety of Disney movies. Before this unique and ambitious tribute show, Milwaukee Record asked Cree Myles why she decided to do it, what went into preparing for the one-time event, and what songs people can expect to hear.

Milwaukee Record: A musician playing a show on their birthday isn’t uncommon, but this one is a little different. What made you decide on the Disney focus?

Cree Myles: A musician playing a show on their birthday isn’t uncommon, but it should also be noted that I’m far from a musician. I chose Disney because who doesn’t love Disney songs and who doesn’t know Disney songs? I love a good cover.

MR: What are some of your favorite Disney songs, and what movies will you perform music from?

CM: I love the whole Goofy Movie soundtrack. I love the Phil Collins and NSYNC collaboration in Tarzan. Aladdin has some amazing music. I’m performing from Pinnochio, Goofy Movie, Oliver & Company, and The Jungle Book.

MR: So is it going to be like a medley?

CM: Well, it’s a set, songs that I love, strung together with the band. No seamless transitions or anything, though.

MR: How long did it take to learn and prepare all this, and do you think it’ll all be worth it for one show?

CM: About a month. You know, I don’t know [if it will be worth it]. My instinct is to say no, but I did the same thing for “Prince Uncovered” last year and it was totally worth it.

MR: Are you going to take any special liberties with the music, like new arrangements, shift in tempo, or anything else?

CM: We did do a few fun things, but I do wish there would have been more time to play around with the music.

MR: A you’re not alone in this. D’Amato, New Boyz Club, Bo Triplex, and The Birches are also involved. Have you heard any of their sets yet? What can we expect to hear from them?

CM: Well, The Birches are singing with me, so they will be remarkable. No, I haven’t heard any other sets, but I’m super excited, especially for New Boyz’s rendition of “Cruella de Vil.”

MR: Anything else you’d like to say about the show?

CM: This is my last solo set for I don’t know how long. So farewell, so long…you know the rest.

Cree Myles’ Birthday Celebration And Disney Tribute Show comes to Company Brewing Saturday, October 22. Cree Myles (with The Birches), D’Amato, New Boyz Club, and Bo Triplex will perform. The show begins at 10 p.m. and costs $7. Despite the show’s Disney focus, it’s still 21+.

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