After a week of feverish speculation, whispered rumors, and “It’s gonna be Elton John” jokes, the identity of the band playing tonight’s “Cheers to Milwaukee” show at Riverside Theater can finally be revealed. And that band is [insert band name here] THE RECORD COMPANY. Nice!

Yes, the [insert city name here] LOS ANGELES-based group is headlining the free, Miller Brewing-sponsored summer kickoff show tonight at 8:30 p.m. [insert band name here] THE RECORD COMPANY last played Milwaukee [insert show date here] MAY 30 at [insert venue here] 88NINE RADIO MILWAUKEE. The group’s latest album is [insert album name here] ALL OF THIS LIFE WHICH COMES OUT JUNE 22. It’s pretty great.

The inaugural “Cheers to Milwaukee” caused a bit of confusion back in 2017. Days ahead of the show, the secret headliner was revealed to be Chevy Metal—the hard-rock cover band fronted by Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Rumors quickly spread that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl would also be performing. Grohl never materialized, though Milwaukee drummer Justin Krol—who both kind of looks like Grohl and has a similar-sounding name as Grohl—did sit in with the band. Everyone was confused. Weird.

Happily, there’s no confusion surrounding [insert band name here] THE RECORD COMPANY, who [insert something about local ties if band has local ties] HAS LOCAL TIES BECAUSE FRONTMAN CHRIS VOS IS FROM MILWAUKEE. Cheers, Milwaukee!

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