If you fancy yourself a fan of Milwaukee-made garage rock, it’s likely you’ve heard Lee Olson’s voice at some point. As the charismatic singer of Static Eyes, Olson was known for his impassioned and incomparable vocal style, his energetic dance moves, and his ever-present shades. (And if you aren’t familiar with Static Eyes, do yourself a favor and catch up because they ruled!)

Late last year, Olson was diagnosed with ALS (also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) following nearly two years of falls and a noticeable decline in his mobility. Since then, the terminal neurodegenerative disease has rendered him unable to walk. He’s now in a wheelchair full-time and requires in-home care (which is not covered by health insurance). In an effort to raise funds to help Olson “live his last few years comfortably in his home” and make some “bucket list trips” possible, Lee, his wife Erin, and Cactus Club have put together one hell of a benefit concert. Even if it wasn’t for a great and noble cause, this could go down as one of Milwaukee’s shows of the year.

On Saturday, November 11, the Bay View venue will celebrate and show some support for Olson with a downright incredible lineup. Greg Cartwright (of Reigning Sound and The Compulsive Gamblers fame) will fly in to headline the event. Cartwright will be joined by The Championship and Gallery Night, two Milwaukee bands of yesteryear who are reuniting specifically for the cause. As if that’s not already awesome enough, Christreater and Jon Heebz will DJ between bands. There will also be raffles throughout the night.

Tickets to this can’t-miss affair are on sale now. General admission tickets start as low as $20, but can also be purchased for $40, $60, and $100 to further benefit the Olsons. If you’re unable to attend but want to support Lee, we suggest you free up a ticket for someone else to purchase—because this show will sell out—by donating to his GoFundMe page and/or Amazon Wishlist instead.

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