Has anyone had a career as varied, as unpredictable, as delightfully baffling as Beck? Bursting on the scene as a stream-of-consciousness slacker messiah with “Loser” (from 1994’s Mellow Gold), Beck soon moved on to hip-hop pastiche (Odelay), sexed-up funk (Midnite Vultures), acoustic soul-baring (Sea Change), and Grammy Award-winning acoustic soul-baring (Morning Phase). His latest single, “Wow” (from an as-yet-untitled album), promises to continue the musician’s unlikely evolution.

One thing Beck hasn’t done, however, is play Milwaukee since 1994 1997. Seriously, it’s been nearly 25 20 years. Happily, that will change Wednesday, August 16, when he comes to the Riverside Theater. Wow, where it’s at, step inside my Hyundai, etc.

Reserved seating tickets go on sale Friday, June 2 at 10 a.m. Prices have yet to be announced.