Earlier this year, Milwaukee Ald. Joe Dudzik proposed an ordinance banning food trucks from his southwest-side 11th district, citing traffic problems, litter, and—cough, cough—congregations of people. Today, following many Milwaukee food truck owners taking to social media to voice their displeasure with the proposed ban—as well as showing up at this morning’s Common Council meeting—the proposed ordinance was killed with a vote of 10-4. Food trucks will still be free to sell their mobile treats throughout the entire city, vague and thinly veiled ordinances be damned. The Milwaukee Business Journal has more details.

Of course, another of Dudzik’s biggest fears is still a terrifying possibility: streetcar rape. Back in January, the alderman had this to say about the highly controversial streetcar line that everyone has basically forgotten about now, because, come on, it’s just a fucking streetcar:

“There’s going to be a couple of assaults, or maybe a rape or a shooting on one of these streetcars and the millennials who claim they are going to be riding this thing are going to be nowhere to be seen, and we’re going to be stuck with the ongoing maintenance cost forever.”

Hear that, millennials? You’re going to get raped and/or shot on that goddamn streetcar! Happily, thanks to today’s vote, you won’t be raped and/or shot on an empty stomach.

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