Ever since Bounce Milwaukee opened two years ago, Purple Door has been the Bay View-adjacent inflatable fun zone’s exclusive ice cream provider. Evidently the bond between the two young businesses is strong, as the Walker’s Point creamery has collaborated with Bounce to create an exclusive new flavor that combines blueberries and chocolate chunks. That flavor needs a name.

Take it from us, naming stuff can be hard. Instead of lazily making the obvious “change ‘very’ into ‘berry’ and call it a day” decision so many others have throughout the course of time, Bounce has asked the Internet—fresh off successfully naming a $228M research ship “Boaty McBoatface” and sending Pitbull to perform at a Wal-Mart in remote Alaska—to decide what its specialty ice cream will be called.

Tuesday, Bounce Milwaukee started a contest to name the new flavor on its Facebook page. Name suggestions for the flavor that’s currently being served under the basic “Blueberry Chocolate Chunk” moniker will be accepted through 7 p.m. CST on Monday, May 16. At that point, the family-friendly name that’s “at least somewhat relevant to the product” that garners the most “likes” on Bounce’s May 10 contest thread will win “The Glutton” (five scoops of ice cream piled on top of two brownies with a cookie garnish) and two wristbands granting use of all Bounce’s entertainment amenities. While the prize has just a $58 value, the pride of knowing you named an ice cream flavor bumps that value up to at least $65.

Wisely, Bounce Milwaukee was sure to note the name that receives the most likes won’t necessarily be used. The number of likes doesn’t automatically determine a winner, rather it “only suggests the way in which the ice-cream delegates should vote.”

Man, even the ice cream voting process is broken. #FeelTheFreezerBern

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