Fuel Cafe has been an important part of Milwaukee’s morning ritual since 1993. Over the last 25 years, the cafe has evolved to expand its drink menu and food offerings as its local legend has grown in kind. In 2016, Fuel literally expanded when the seminal restaurant and coffee shop opened a sprawling new space in Walker’s Point that features a full bar and even more menu items to go with time-tested favorites.

With a much larger kitchen than its Riverwest counterpart, Fuel Cafe 5th Street is also able to experiment with new ways of doing things. For example, as of today, the younger of the two Fuels has thrown its hat into the world of catering and delivery with its massive new breakfast item that makes the famed Super Burrito look like an appetizer by comparison.

Today marks the debut of the “Gear Box” at Fuel Cafe 5th Street. The huge pizza box is brimming with breakfast goodies and is said to serve eight to 10 people. What’s in this beast? Each Gear Box comes with scrambled eggs (13 eggs!), six chicken chorizo sausage links, bacon, a mess of hashbrowns, French toast, Troubadour Bakery whole grain wheat toast, jalapeno biscuits (baked fresh daily at Fuel), and a cup of chili “to preserve the box’s structural integrity.” One side of the box is also lined with sauces and spreads, including maple syrup, whipped butter, raspberry and pineapple jams, ketchup, and bimibap sauce.

The $65 Gear Box is available for pickup or delivery from Forward Courier (delivery charges apply) every morning. To order this revolutionary new breakfast from an established Milwaukee morning staple, call Fuel Cafe 5th Street at 414-847-9580. For more information, you can just consult the handy diagram below.

Illustration by Elly Hazard

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