If you’re anything like us, the number of hours you’ve spent playing board games has increased a great deal over the past [looks at wristwatch] 11-plus months. And if you’re anything like us (and much of Wisconsin, for that matter), you also like to partake in a nice, stiff, Brandy Old Fashioned from time to time. Should you share our affinity for games and/or the state’s unofficial cocktail, we have just the thing for you.

A few days ago, local lifestyle brand Drink Wisconsinbly announced the pre-sale for its new Brandy Land board game. “The Old Fashioned Game” blends the family-friendly fun of a board game with drinking-related obstacles and distinctly Wisconsin landmarks. Here’s a more detailed description from the folks at Drink Wisconsinbly:

“Time for an Old Fashioned adventure! Muddle your way through Miltown and cool off in the Ice Cube Tundra. Beware of Hodags in the Swizzle Stick Forest and try to avoid a Wisconsin Goodbye as you end your inebriated expedition. Play classic drinking games along the way. First to finish—or last one standing—wins!”

Brandy Land is available for a pre-sale price of $50 (includes free shipping) through April 5. Games are expected to be delivered in early June. Whether you’re looking to add to your quarantine board game arsenal or you want to have it in hand to play with friends and loved ones when in-person gatherings can safely return, you can order it now. [h/t – my mom]

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