A long time ago (April 2016), in a galaxy far, far away (Cudahy), gold record-certified rapper Bubba Sparxxx performed at City Lounge. During the show, Milwaukee Record spies managed to have a good time listening to Sparxxx play “Ms. New Booty” twice in a row, a stunt with enough power to destroy an entire planet. A few month later, dude came back for a Halloween show. There were heroes on both sides.

Anyway, in anticipation of a certain galactic skirmish movie looming on the horizon like a mechanical beast definitely not called an AT-AT, City Lounge will be transforming itself into “The Dagobahr.” The pop-up re-theme will run from December 4 to December 19, and will transport patrons to an eerie swamp planet filled with themed drinks and weekend dance parties. A green mummy who lives in a tree and wields a mystical power that was totally ruined in the prequels by not only giving it an idiotic “midi-chlorians” explanation but by treating it like a superpower that turns its users into invincible ninjas capable of pretty much anything instead of just relatively low-key stuff like tricking the feeble-minded and slowly lifting ships out of swamps may or may not be included.

Find the Facebook invite here. “Going” or “Can’t Go.” There is no “Interested.”