Who Said It Best (And Worst) rounds up the week’s best and worst quotes from notable Milwaukee figures and folks-about-town.

Recently retired conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes, on Milwaukee County Sheriff David “Edgelord” Clarke [via Business Insider]:

“You do have to come home at least once in a while. And all you do is speak out on [crime], that’s been the wrap on him. Big hat, no cattle. Talks a big game but he doesn’t actually do a lot of stuff. […] He’s often absent, but when he shows up it’s some sort of an over-the-top symbolic gesture to assert his relevance when it doesn’t really accomplish anything and people have to say, ‘What was the point of that? To shut down an entire park just because it was near where some crime was committed four days ago?'”

Milwaukee County Sheriff David “Edgelord” Clarke, on being edgy as fuck [via Twitter]: