With only [insert frighteningly small number here] days between now and Christmas, you’re likely feeling the stress of needing to buy gifts for people on your list that are some combination of thoughtful, unique, locally-focused, and…not very expensive. Well, if some folks you still need to buy for this holiday season are dog lovers who happen to reside in or around Milwaukee, we might’ve found just the thing for you.

This week, we learned about a newly-launched item called Milwaukee Paw Pass. The new booklet aspires “to become the ultimate destination for dog owners seeking extraordinary experiences and unparalleled savings.” For frame of reference, imagine the PubPass, the BeerPass App or those City Tins, except it gives you discounts and freebies at Milwaukee-area bars and taprooms that are dog-friendly. What businesses are involved, you ask? These indoor businesses offer year-round savings:

• Hi-Hat/Garage
• The Highbury
• The Hounds & Tap
• Lost Valley Cider Co.
• Ope Brewing
• The Roman Coin
• Sahale Ale Works
• Torzala Brewing Co.

And here are some “Paw-tio Partners” to visit in warmer months (April to November, weather permitting):

• Drink Wisconsinbly Pub
• Fuel Cafe 5th Street
• Lion’s Tail Brewing
• MobCraft Beer
• Paloma Taco and Tequila
• Pete’s Pops
• Third Space Brewing

According to the Paw Pass description, “most the deals are for free or BOGO items with a savings of more than 4 times the cost of the book.” The cost of said book is a scant $20, by the way, and it’s available now! And just to be clear, Milwaukee Record is in no way affiliated with Paw Pass. We just think it’s a great idea. That being said, if the Milwaukee Paw Pass people ever want to run ads for it on our fine site, talk to me, babe.

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