For Milwaukeeans who find themselves hurt in a car wreck, watching TV, glancing at a local periodical, enjoying a summer festival, attending a Bucks game, or opening the door only to find Aaron Rodgers on the other side, one name immediately springs to mind: David Gruber. The ubiquitous personal injury lawyer/pitchman/Saul Goodman surrogate has been a Milwaukee institution for over 20 years, giving folks the money they deserve and making 8,000 commercials every month in the process. About the only thing more recognizable than Gruber himself is his catchphrase, “One call, that’s all,” which is totally unique to Gruber and Gruber only.

Except maybe not. In a quick video mashup uploaded to YouTube earlier this year, it’s revealed that—gasp!—other personal injury lawyers across the country use the very same catchphrase. Beattie Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa; Hewitt & Salvatore in Beckley, West Virginia; Isaacs & Isaacs in Louisville, Kentucky; and some dude posing with a baseball bat in Chicago all employ the same rhyming slogan. Sure, Gruber’s name is the first one to pop up when you Google “One call that’s all,” but it’s weird to think of all these other schmoes, existing in an alternate personal-injury-ridden dimension, just waiting to sneak over to our universe at the mere bump of a fender or a slip on the sidewalk. At least our guy pals around with a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, which is more than the dude from Chicago can say.

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