Who doesn’t love a good open house meeting? We know we do: from problematic Pokemon players to scandalous Swing Park stuff, we’re always first in line to attend these oft-ridiculous public meetings. (Oh, and don’t forget those Domes meetings, which are scheduled to wrap up sometime in 2027.) So it brings us great pleasure to remind you that, beginning tonight, Milwaukee County, County Executive Chris Abele, and the County Board of Supervisors will be hosting a week-long series of open houses discussing the 2019 Milwaukee County budget. “I look forward to hearing about your priorities for Milwaukee County,” Abele says in a press release. Buckle up for some sure-to-be-levelheaded public discussion!

“I’m excited to share that for the first time, we’ve partnered with the County Board of Supervisors to hold five open house sessions across the county where you can learn more about our budget process, share input on your priorities and ask some questions of County staff and officials,” Abele continues. “All of our sessions run from 5 to 7 p.m. We’ll have a short budget presentation with some Q&A at 6 p.m., but you’re free to come and go throughout the evening.”

Q&A. Oh god, Q&A.

Tonight’s meeting will take place at the Capitol Library, 3969 N. 74th St. Overseeing the proceedings will be Supervisor Deanna Alexander; Abele is scheduled to make an appearance. Here’s info on the rest of the series. See you there!

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