Now that we’ve had a full day to process the Packers loss, let’s shift focus away from one season’s tragic conclusion and, instead, look ahead at the six months of unknown possibility that make up the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers campaign. Even though the team is very much still in the throes of what looks to be a very encouraging rebuilding process, catching games at Miller Park is pretty much a mandatory part of summer in Milwaukee…even when you’re paying to watch what’s almost certain to be a sub-.500 team of unproven prospects, stopgap journeymen, and Matt Garza.

Fortunately for fans, tickets to Brewers home games are among the most affordable in all of baseball, and the organization offers even more savings with multi-game ticket packs. Last week, the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers schedule was released. At the same time, 10-Game Flex Plans went on sale. As the name suggests, the package offers the opportunity to pick any 10 home games (plus a free ticket to Opening Day) for as little as $160. Even with that price, a speculative purchase of tickets for a team that hasn’t even reported to Spring Training yet can be iffy. Fortunately, Milwaukee Record analyzed the schedule and took various factors into account to help build you the best Milwaukee Brewers 10-Game Flex Plan.

Saturday, April 8 (vs. Chicago Cubs)
Yeah, we know this game carries a high possibility of being overrun with fans of the opposing team. It doesn’t matter because you won’t be there. If you sell your tickets to one of the record-setting number of fair weather Cubs fans, you’ll recoup a significant amount of what you paid for entire 10-pack. No, Milwaukee, it isn’t okay to cheer for the Chicago Cubs, but it’s fine to sell a ticket to a virtually meaningless April game to the top bidder.

Wednesday, April 26 (vs. Cincinnati Reds)
Each season, the Brewers reward residents of Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington, and Waukesha counties for helping fund a stadium we’re still nowhere close to paying off with five mid-week games in April or May that offer residents dollar hot dogs, dollar sodas, and half-price tickets. The “5-County 5-Day Celebration” dates haven’t been announced yet, but April 20-21 (vs. St. Louis) and April 24-26 (vs. Cincinnati) seem to be likely candidates. Why this game in particular? The 12:10 start ups the ability of plowing through more dollar dogs on an empty stomach. Recoup your lost wages with sale-priced tube meat and dollar Mountain Dew. Avoiding Cardinals fans is just a bonus.

Sunday, May 14 (vs. New York Mets)
Struggling for a Mother’s Day idea? Take mom to the game and buy her one of those fancy donuts she saw on Pinterest. Problem solved.

Wednesday, May 24 (vs. Toronto Blue Jays)
Since the Twins suck and that series is on a weekday again (why?!), the three-game set with the Blue Jays is the most compelling interleague matchup this season. Hopefully Marco Estrada won’t be starting. Remember him? He’s good now!

Sunday, May 28 (vs. Arizona Diamondbacks)
The trouble of being an organization with only, like, four historically significant players is the shortage of worthwhile bobblehead recipients. So even though Robin Yount is getting bobblehead number 37 or whatever, this one will feature him riding a motorcycle, which is pretty cool. Unless the Jonathan Villar bobble (April 23 giveaway) has him riding a unicycle or something, this is the best bobble for your buck in 2017.

Saturday, June 3 (vs. Los Angeles Dodgers)
A few times a year, there exists a tailgating loophole wherein the unconventional 3:10 p.m. first pitch allows for a few extra hours of parking lot debauchery. Of these four such start times in 2017, the June 3 Dodgers game is the cream of the crop. With any luck, you can go crazy outside before heading into the park to maybe file away a fuzzy memory of seeing two Clayton Kershaws pitch.

Sunday, July 2 (vs. Miami Marlins)
Zach Davies bobblehead.

Tuesday, July 4 (vs. Baltimore Orioles)
End a five-day holiday weekend with Fourth Of July baseball game. The Orioles are coming off a playoff season, and 34-year-old J.J. Hardy might be making his last trip back to Milwaukee before he calls it quits. Dust off those “Hardy’s Hotties” shirts if you still have ’em.

Sunday, July 16 (vs. Philadelphia Phillies)
It’s been 35 seasons since the Brewers reached the World Series. To mark the anniversary, the team is giving all fans in attendance items that commemorate the 1982 American League pennant. Two days after replica jerseys are issued, fans will get replica A.L. Champ rings. Plus, they’re playing the Phillies, so you’re likely to see a Brewers win.

Sunday, August 13 (vs. Cincinnati Reds)
Should you get tickets to a game where a Bob Uecker Magic 8 Balls are being given away? All signs point to yes.

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