The ATTACHED LETTER will be shared with the residents of the 10th Aldermanic District in a full district newsletter that will be mailed in a matter of days.

When he leaves office in April 2024, Alderman Michael J. Murphy – first elected as 10th District Alderman in 1989 – will be the Milwaukee Common Council’s third longest serving member. Currently the chair of the Zoning, Neighborhoods, and Development Committee, Alderman Murphy is a former Common Council President, and the former longtime chair of the Council’s Finance and Personnel Committee.

Alderman Murphy has also served on each of the Council’s standing committees, and many key city boards and commissions, including: the Employes’ Retirement System, Annuity and Pension Board; the Milwaukee Public Library Board of Trustees; the Wisconsin Center District Board; and as a commissioner on the board of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.

He has served as chair of the Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee, the City-County Heroin, Opioid, and Cocaine Task Force, and the City-County Carjacking and Reckless Driving Task Force. Additionally, he is the founder of the MKE Plays initiative, which has transformed 20 Milwaukee playgrounds that had fallen into neglect and/or disrepair.

October 30, 2023

Dear Neighbors:

This coming April, I will have served as your Alderman for 35 years, making me the third longest serving Alderman in the City’s history when I leave office in April 2024. For those who are counting, that was back in 1989 and 9 elections ago. During all those years, I’m very lucky to be one of those people who can say they love what they do for a living.

However, all good things come to an end. I’ve decided not to seek re-election as your elected representative on the Milwaukee Common Council. Making this decision wasn’t easy, but after long walks and talks with my family and friends, I feel the time is right.

As the firstborn American son of Irish immigrants, my parents instilled in me and my brothers and sister the responsibility of public service and helping those most in need. I’ve always tried to honor that principle and serve the people of Milwaukee with the hope of making our city better. I hope I did.

I will always be grateful to you, the voters, for giving me the opportunity of serving you. I’m also thankful of the many public service employees, my fellow Aldermen and Mayors whose support and encouragement allowed me to do my job of improving the lives of my constituents.

Public service is an honor and privilege. Thank you for granting me that honor.

Michael J. Murphy
Alderman, 10th District

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