Back in February, Milwaukee indie-rock band Cozy Danger released the wickedly catchy “Again,” the first single from the upcoming Orange Feels record. With lyrics like “And I drink and I smoke and I’m watching TV / And I buy all the things that I really don’t need,” the group smuggled heavy themes of addiction, recovery, and sobriety into an upbeat pop-punk song. And now there’s an equally sneaky video!

The Ryan Nels Pontillo-directed clip for “Again” follows the main character (Paul Skoney) as he “dredges through a groundhog’s day cycle of smoldering cigarettes and emptying bottles of High Life.” Enter the fine gentlemen of Cozy Danger (Chris Vertovec, Jake Brandt, Phil Gieschen), who symbolically break this cycle of addiction by paying a visit to Milwaukee “rage room” Bust-N-Stuff and, well, busting stuff. R.I.P. time, and/or a bunch of clocks.

“I wrote the song as Chris (our guitarist/co-lead vox) was struggling with his sobriety,” Brandt told us in February. “Happily, Chris will mark two years alcohol-free in April. The song tries to convey that inner monologue of guilt for doing something you know you shouldn’t, but then going ahead and doing it anyways.”

Here’s something you SHOULD do: see Cozy Danger live! The group will play the Locust Street Festival of Music and Art on Sunday, June 9, at 1:45 p.m. on the Lakefront Brewery Stage. Then, on Saturday, July 13, Cozy Danger will celebrate the release of Orange Feels at the Holler House. There are no sledgehammers or “rage room” antics allowed at Holler House, though rolling a few rocks down its historic bowling lanes can be just as cathartic.

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