Late last year, Space Raft embarked on a lengthy European tour in support of the band’s extraordinary 2016 record, Rubicon. Over the course of three weeks in November and December, the rock quartet played a flurry of shows in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic. Though we’re jealous we weren’t able to come along, we’re thankful drummer Tyler Chicorel saw fit to capture some of the European excursion on film.

Space Raft’s “Vacation” is a perfect audio complement for the warm, fun, and visually-pleasing footage. Over the course of the seven-minute song, the band (and Dusty Medical owner Kevin Meyer) takes in the sights, tests the capacity of an elevator, drinks, drives from gig to gig, bonds with the locals, and drinks some more.

If you’re feeling cooped up in your office on this sunny Tuesday, do yourself a favor and take a short vacation with Space Raft. Then, set an itinerary to see the band open for The Dirty Nil at Cactus Club on Thursday, September 28.

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