Save for putting out its previously-unreleased single, “Seminary Woods” in early 2014, Moon Curse—far and away one of the city’s loudest and most abrasive acts—has been ironically quiet since stomping into local (and international) consciousness with its blistering self-titled debut way back in 2012. Thursday, the Milwaukee metal mainstay broke its silence with “Vicious Sky,” the first single off the band’s forthcoming full-length, Spirited Remains, which is expected to be released in November by Kozmik Artifactz, a label out of Germany.

As listeners have grown to expect, “Vicious Sky” combines classic, semi-Sabbath vocal sensibilities with Mastodon-like instrumental intensity. Listen to “Vicious Sky” below, and check Kosmik Artifactz’s site for release details as November approaches.

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