Summerfest! It runs June 26-30, and July 2-7! Over that 11-day span, approximately 800 acts will perform on 10 stages (not to mention all the side stages). With that much entertainment packed into such a tight window, we understand if you’re stressing about how to Fest to the best of your ability.

In an effort to help you make some potentially difficult Summerfest decisions, Milwaukee Record will offer some Record Recommendations for each and every day of Summerfest, including a suggested headliner, a reason to show up early, a can’t-miss local act, and a tip for a way to have a cheaper and/or better experience. Here are our Record Recommendations for Summerfest Day 8.


Courtney Barnett
10 p.m. @ Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard
From our review of Courtney Barnett’s sold-out 2018 show at Pabst Theater: “‘Should get married, have some babies, watch the evening news,’ she crooned during ‘Are You Looking After Yourself?’ The track is about not conforming to society’s black and white expectations of normalcy, and thank God Barnett has long ignored the advice of adults before her. If she had, we might not have the gift of her music, or the privilege of watching her perform live.”


Amanda Huff
6:45 p.m. @ Johnson Controls World Stage
From our list of the 25 best Milwaukee albums of 2018: “Amanda Huff came to local consciousness this year with her first true solo effort, the genre-jumping Hemiptera. The Strangelander member wastes no time making her presence known by showing her amazing vocal range amid flamenco guitars in opening track ‘Neighboring Moons.’ That’s followed by ‘Caroline’s,’ which is a lounge-y, jazz-infused jaunt that employs a horn section to accompany Huff’s captivating voice. Amanda Huff didn’t really throw her name out there until late May, but it’s a name you should commit to memory immediately—if you haven’t done so already.”


Brett Newski & The No Tomorrow
8 p.m. @ Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard
From our 2018 piece on Brett Newski playing a show in Walmart and getting kicked out: “Love him or refuse to listen to him, Brett Newski is a man of the people. Dude will do anything, play anywhere, and pull whatever stunt is needed to bring his bright-eyed indie rock to the masses. Travel the world and live out of a suitcase for years on end? Newski will do it. Perform ‘On, Wisconsin!’ for our Public Domain music video series? Newski will do it. Play an impromptu and unsanctioned show inside a Walmart in South Milwaukee, roving the aisles while customers look on in confusion and put-upon employees do everything in their power to get him the hell out of there? Yep.”


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