Summerfest! It runs June 26-30, and July 2-7! Over that 11-day span, approximately 800 acts will perform on 10 stages (not to mention all the side stages). With that much entertainment packed into such a tight window, we understand if you’re stressing about how to Fest to the best of your ability.

In an effort to help you make some potentially difficult Summerfest decisions, Milwaukee Record will offer some Record Recommendations for each and every day of Summerfest, including a suggested headliner, a reason to show up early, a can’t-miss local act, and a tip for a way to have a cheaper and/or better experience. Here are our Record Recommendations for Summerfest Day 2.


10 p.m. @ Harley-Davidson Roadhouse

Every few years a Summerfest show comes around that gets really, really, really packed. Like, “Okay, just open the gates and let everyone in before they tear the place apart” packed. Remember that whole Imagine Dragons thing from 2013? Yeah, so this year’s candidate for really, really, really packed show is Lizzo. Oh boy, everyone is losing their shit over Lizzo. And why not? She’s great! She’s incredible! She’s Lizzo! See you (and everyone else) at the Lizzo show!


Andrew W.K.
4 p.m. @ Uline Warehouse

Previously on Andrew W.K. In Milwaukee, the forever-partying rocker was shopping at American Science Surplus, putting together a “Party Pack” for one lucky fan, and just generally being a swell guy. Fast forward to today, and it’s time to party again—at four in the afternoon! Which is cool: W.K.’s unique hard-rock posi-anthems should be just as enjoyable in the daylight as they are in a dingy club. PARTY.


Zed Kenzo
5:30 p.m. @ Johnson Controls World Sound Stage
If you’re looking for a Milwaukee artist who’s currently having a Moment, look no further than Zed Kenzo. The double-threat rapper and producer has been consistently crushing it since completing the inaugural “Backline” program last fall. (She was also great before that, of course.) It seems a week can’t go by without Kenzo dropping new music: the chilled-out “Go Psycho,” the irresistible “Type,” the six-song Baby Swag EP, and more have all been released in the last few months. See her now before her shows are really, really, really packed.


From noon until 6 p.m., all general admission tickets are just $5. Get those $5 tickets online or at any gate.