Since The Pukes played a sold out Company Brewing show that doubled as a belated vinyl release celebration for 2016’s The Revenge Of… in late January, the Milwaukee horror-punk trio has kept a pretty low profile. Prior to the band’s Record Store Day show with Direct Hit! at Cactus Club and what’s sure to be a summer chock full of festival outings, The Pukes released a (Converse) All-Star-caliber video for “Do What Diddy” yesterday.

The stop-motion piece was shot by Wendy Norton (Ramma Lamma) on a shoestring budget. Literally. Starring some sneakers, the video is Chuck Taylor-made for The Pukes’ grimy, sole-ful, a tongue-in-cheek album-opener. In addition to the anthropomorphic footwear doing skateboard stunts and comping bubble gum, a barfing rat and a Barbie doll make memorable cameos. It’s quite a feet.

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