Much like the annual Milwaukee Film Festival, is it too early to get excited for the annual Milwaukee Psych Fest? No. It is never too early to get excited for the annual Milwaukee Psych Fest. Returning for its sixth year May 3-5, 2018 at Boone & Crocket, Company Brewing, and Cactus Club, the psych-celebrating blowout (organized by Moss Folk’s Andrew Shelp) will once again assemble a dizzying array of talent from around the globe. Want to lose yourself while listening to local acts like Calliope and Brief Candles? You’ve got it. Want to hear groups from across the U.S., Canada, and even Chile? Milwaukee Psych Fest VI has you covered.

Here’s the lineup so far, with more acts and details to come.

Liquid Light Show by Mad Alchemy (San Francisco, CA)

Föllakzoid (Santiago, Chile)

Wet Tuna (Vermont. Featuring Matt Valentine and P.G. Six)

Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel (Philadelphia, PA)

Ash and Herb (Portland, ME)

Dire Wolves (San Francisco, CA)

Sunwatchers (Brooklyn, NY)

Dopey’s Robe (Vancouver, BC)

Hearty Har (Los Angeles, CA)

Nest Egg (Asheville, NC)

Jovontaes (Lexington, KY)

Headroom (New Haven, CT)

Bottomfeeders (New Orleans, LA)

Moss Folk (Milwaukee, WI)

White Shape (Rockford, IL)

Spiral Galaxy (Chicago, IL. New Steven Krakow, a.k.a. Plastic Crimewave, astral folk band)

Vocokesh (Milwaukee, WI)

Brief Candles (Milwaukee, WI)

Calliope (Milwaukee, WI)

Names Divine (Chicago/Milwaukee, WI)

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