Do you like murals? Of course you do. And so does Milwaukee. Yes, the city is currently in the throes of a great mural renaissance. A Muralssance? Muraissance? Whatever. All you need to know is that there are 8,000 new murals popping up every day.

MURAL WATCH #1: Milwaukee native and Los Angeles-based artist Alex Couto of The Couto Brothers is creating a mural in one of the skywalks of The Avenue. Couto’s mural is located in the 2nd Street skywalk, which connects the Plankinton Arcade and the new 3rd Street Market Hall. You know, the skywalk where that Stone Creek kiosk used to be.

MURAL WATCH #2: Milwaukee-based artist Dave Watkins is creating a mural in the nearby skywalk that connects the Plankinton Arcade and the ASQ Center. You know, one of the skywalks on your way to the Chase Tower.

“Each mural will span the entire length of the skywalk, ranging between 75 ft. – 100 ft. in width and 10 ft. – 12 ft. in height,” a press release from Milwaukee Downtown BID, #21 explains. “Work on the murals started on Monday, Jan. 24 and will be completed over the next two weeks.”

“Downtown Milwaukee’s 1.75-mile skywalk system is a convenient amenity, especially during winter months,” says Beth Weirick, CEO of Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, in the same press release. “Activating these vital corridors with public art is an important step in enhancing their vibrancy and further strengthening connectivity to The Avenue and the recently-opened 3rd Street Market Hall.”

Oh, and here’s an old mural (of sorts), still on display in The Avenue’s parking garage:

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