Milwaukee is chock full of things to do, but only a handful of Milwaukee events are worthy of the lofty honor of “Record Recommended” (patent pending). Here are our recommendations—brought to you by Lilliput Records—for April 1-7, 2024.


Splat Gorek + Paralyze, Cyrus Chrome, Glass Seraph, Crime Act @ Cactus Club
“‘Performance Artist’ from Sindianapolis, IN. Angry, Confused, High, and Lost.”

Emperor X + Buena Cara, Health Club @ X-Ray Arcade
“The brainchild of cosmic lo-fi Florida-born indie folk artist, Chad R. Matheny, Emperor X began his aural assault in the late ’90s with the release of his debut, The Joytakers’ Rakes/Stars On The Ceiling, Pleasantly Kneeling. Emperor X would go on to build a sizable grassroots audience in the U.S. and Europe through constant touring, quirky promotions that involved burying physical media in geocache sites, and a prolific string of releases including standouts like 2011’s Western Teleport and 2017’s Oversleepers International.”


Milwaukee Brewers Home Opener @ American Family Field
One question has been looming over the windup to the Milwaukee Brewers’ regular season: Will the longtime voice of the Brewers, Bob Uecker, return to Brewers radio? Yes he will! According to a statement from Brewers President of Business Operations Rick Schlesinger: “Bob Uecker calling the first pitch of the Brewers home opener is the official start of summer in Milwaukee. Bob expects to be at the mic on April 2 to call the game on WTMJ and the network, and he’ll take it one day at a time after that.” Uecker, who turned 90 in January, has been the play-by-play announcer for the Brewers since 1971.

2024 Spring Election @ various locations
“Make no mistake, this year’s Spring Election is a pretty big deal. No matter what community you live in across the state, there is going to be something on your ballot that impacts you directly. Whether it’s a school board or a city council or a mayor or a county executive or a judge, these local races are an extraordinarily big deal. The more time you spend covering and writing about politics, the more you realize how these local races can often make more of an impact on your day-to-day life than the national ones. And you, as a voter, can have an especially big impact on these races, with turnout typically far lower than a fall general election.”

Fall Out Boy + Jimmy Eat World, Hot Mulligan, CARR @ Fiserv Forum
What to expect from the big Fall Out Boy show at Fiserv Forum? Well…”Each show includes the use of a Magic 8 Ball to surprise fans with a performance of a Fall Out Boy song that has never been played live before, which became one of the most buzzed about topics of the summer, igniting fans across social media—and spawning a trend on TikTok, with hundreds of thousands of views—to determine what songs might be coming next.”

Trapper Schoepp And His Traveling Band @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn
Trapper Schoepp’s latest LP, Siren Songs, seems to be an exercise in building something new with old tools. If that was indeed his aim, the accomplished Milwaukee troubadour did just that. In addition to being recorded at Johnny Cash’s family cabin in Tennessee, the 12-track album also draws influence from the past through the use of open tuning, a noticeable reverence for traditional folk and Irish music, a loose nautical theme, and storytelling elements that were inspired by oft-overlooked historic events. By eschewing flashy production, turning his songwriting approach outward, and reaching into forgotten pockets of the past, Schoepp has crafted something new, different, and as good as anything he’s ever done to this point.

Herbie Hancock @ The Pabst Theater
“Herbie Hancock is a true legend and icon of modern music. Throughout his explorations, he has transcended limitations and genres while maintaining his unmistakable voice. There are few artists in the music industry who have had more influence on acoustic and electronic jazz and R&B than Herbie Hancock.”

WMSE’s Local/Live: The Exotics @ Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery
“Join us at Anodyne in Walker’s Point on Tuesday, April 2nd, 6 p.m., for another free, all-ages edition of Local/Live, hosted by Music Director Sid, with surf-rock band The Exotics! We will have some last minute ticket deals for the annual Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser going for those who are in attendance. If you can’t join in the fun in-person, tune into 91.7 FM at 6 p.m. or stream at”

Bigg Egg + World In Action, Curbsitter, Jagged, WWE Energies, Void Class @ Cactus Club

Rock Paper Scissors League @ Company Brewing


TV Grime Presents: Twin Peaks On Air @ X-Ray Arcade
“Celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Twin Peaks‘ legendary premiere by watching it the way it was originally broadcast in 1991, complete with commercials and interstitials! For their inaugural ‘TV on VHS Night,’ the folks behind the popular TV GRIME zine are unearthing some ultra-rare recordings of episodes as actually broadcast back in the days before anyone knew ‘Who killed Laura Palmer?’ Lots of Peaks-related surprises await you, but until the big day we’re keeping the details as deep under wraps as Gordon Cole’s Blue Rose files!”

Robot Witch (record release) + Lost Orange Cat, West Nile Crows @ Cactus Club
In late 2022, Robot Witch debuted a new, enlarged lineup with the release of a self-titled EP that found the outfit (mostly) setting aside its synthesizers in favor of a sound that incorporated elements of psych rock and punk. A music video, a handful of shows, and some radio play followed in 2023. Along the way, the ever-evolving project saw one of its guitarists depart, which brought about even more sonic adjustments. Those changes can be heard in the band’s aptly named Make A Change EP, which shows a decidedly leaner and meaner version of Robot Witch.

Lavish Waste DJ Happy Hour @ Promises


Sarah Shook & The Disarmers + Carson McHone, Ladybird @ Cactus Club
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers absolutely love the Cactus Club, and Milwaukee listeners are reaping all the benefits. The eternally busy band returns to its beloved Brew City haunt to head up a show that also features Carson McHone and Milwaukee’s own Ladybird. The latter group will release a new full-length album, Amy Come On Home, next month.

Marc Maron: All In @ Turner Hall Ballroom
“Thought-provoking comedian, actor and hit podcast host Marc Maron returns to Milwaukee in April. Maron has released five hit stand-up comedy specials throughout his career and has an incredible reputation in the podcasting world through his landmark podcast ‘WTF with Marc Maron.'”

Dan + Shay + Ben Rector, Hailey Whitters @ Fiserv Forum

The Thing + Diet Lite @ The Cooperage

Faded Places + stop.drop.rewind, Whiskey And The Devil @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn

Russell Peters @ Milwaukee Improv (through April 6)


Midwest Gaming Classic @ Baird Center (through April 7)
In a city absolutely stuffed with events, the annual Midwest Gaming Classic is one of our favorites. Want to experience a weekend of video games, pinball, tabletop games, panels, music, and more? Then drop by the downtown Baird Center April 5-7. “Our goal is to create a fun and welcoming environment where people of all skill levels can gather to enjoy their favorite games and discover new ones,” says co-founder Dan Loosen in a press release. “In addition to hardcore gamers, a common sight on the weekend is parents sharing their childhood favorites with their kids, such as Oregon Trail, pinball games, Pokémon cards, or NBA Jam.”

Eliza McLamb + Mini Trees @ Vivarium
“Listening to Eliza McLamb lilt her vivid, carefully placed lyrics rife with empathy, emotion, and sensitivity, you get the sense that this is an artist who takes her time. Her earliest releases were recorded in a laundry shed, with little else but her voice and a guitar. Now, her sound has opened up into gut-wrenching riffs and lush, full soundscapes—but that original intimacy remains, unwavering and unshakeable even as the sonic world around her expands.”

Crowbar + Morbid Visionz, World I Hate, Heavy Down, Livid @ X-Ray Arcade
“New Orleans heavy metal institution Crowbar combines the doomy heft of Black Sabbath, the intense riffage of Pantera, and the intricate progressions of Metallica. Alongside Eyehategod, Soilent Green, Acid Bath, and Down, the group helped establish the NOLA sludge metal movement in the 1990s. Plunging into the mainstream in 1993 with their acclaimed eponymous sophomore effort, Crowbar has spent three decades at the fore of the scene, issuing uncompromising slabs of sonic devastation like Odd Fellows Rest (1998), Equilibrium (2000), Sever The Wicked Hand (2011), and Zero And Below (2022) that stand at the nexus of sludge, stoner, and doom metal.”

Strangelander + Radiation @ Cactus Club

The Keystones + Scorched Waves, Lake Drive @ Anodyne Walker’s Point Roastery

Modern Joey (record release) + Jacob Slade, Alley Eyes, Blind Hill @ The Cooperage

Louie & The Flashbombs @ Ope! Brewing Co.

The Nile Club + The Present Age, Smoke Free Home, Farewell Moonlight @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn

Big Time + Local Legends, Vang!, Nervous Aggression @ Last Rites

Shane Torres @ The Laughing Tap (also April 6)

Friday Night Retro Dance Party: DJ Paul H @ Mad Planet


The Marked Men + Chinese Telephones, Constant Insult @ Cactus Club
“The Marked Men’s affinity for fast, choppy power chords and manic energy is well-collected on Dirtnap Records, who have released three of the band’s four albums. Although a garage-punk sound is this outfit’s main flavor, Marked Men’s bubbling instrumentation varies between candied Buddy Holly harmonies, melancholic ballads, and propulsive ’70s rockers—think leather jackets and motorbikes fueled by TaB and orange Crush. After an extended hiatus, the Denton, TX band have reunited for a U.S. tour.”

State Of Sound: Hanna Simone + Jinksie, Wire & Nail, Allison Mahal @ Radio Milwaukee
“Milwaukee’s Premier Indie Monthly Music Series Presented by 88Nine State of Sound is back and better than ever. Join us at our Walker’s Point Studios for an evening overflowing with live music from local bands & artists. State of Sound stands as a testament to the power of music to bring people together. It provides a stage for emerging artists, a haven for music lovers, and a space where the local community can unite to celebrate the incredible sounds and talents Southeastern Wisconsin has to offer.”

George Clanton + Full Body 2 @ Miramar Theatre
“George Clanton doesn’t just produce gleaming electronic pop, he produces nostalgia too. The Los Angeles artist’s process involves tweaking synthesizer presets, but beyond searching for the right melodies and textures, he’s hoping to come upon a sound that strikes a spiritual chord. ‘I’m looking for something that triggers a memory or an emotion,’ he says. His lyrics are direct transmissions from his soul: raw, often off-the-cuff, evocative. When you pair those words with the gauzy textures Clanton’s become known for, his music feels like a dreamy filter you can put over your own memories. Every moment feels a little more colorful, a little more comforting.”

Dead, Dead Swans (record release) + S.S. Web, Fangerlis, Old Wolves @ Bremen Cafe

Sonic Symphony w/ MSO @ Bradley Symphony Center

Milwaukee Psych Fest Night @ Boone & Crockett

Major League 35th Anniversary Party @ 4th Base (through April 8)

“Funk You” Old School Funk Night @ Mad Planet


WMSE’s Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser @ MSOE Kern Center
Rockabilly Chili returns to the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Kern Center! The 22nd installment of the wildly popular and delicious event will feature more than 45 establishments competing in a variety of chili categories: best meat, best veggie, best heat, most unique, and “hottest display.” Doors open at 11 a.m. BE THERE.

Pours For Parks @ Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery
The inaugural “Pours For Parks” will bring more than 20 local breweries to Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery for a day of beer-related fun that also happens to support Milwaukee County Parks. During their session, attendees can expect unlimited samples, and each ticket includes a custom taster glass featuring the Pour For Parks 2024 logo. This year’s funds will be allocated to the restoration of both educational placards and the shoreline of the Humboldt Park pond.

Mason Jennings + Blacktop @ Vivarium

Lauren Graham: Have I Told You This Already? Book Tour @ The Pabst Theater

Life In Vacuum + Okay Omen, Courtesy, Phasing @ X-Ray Arcade

Donut & Coffee Fest @ Turner Hall Ballroom

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