What’s better than the return of live music? How about a ton of live music, performed outside at various locations in and around Downtown Milwaukee, during a sure-to-be-lovely weekend in August?

Enter the inaugural “Buskerfest.” The event will feature more than 60 local musicians performing nearly 100 hours of live music August 6-8. The musicians will perform at various Sculpture Milwaukee sites throughout East Town, Westown, and the Historic Third Ward (the Apollo sign outside the Wisconsin Center, the “Shoreline Repast” sign at Catalano Square, etc.), as well as places like the Milwaukee Public Market and the Bronze Fonz. The event is part of Downtown Milwaukee’s Jumpst(ART) Downtown campaign.

“Buskerfest is a way for us to celebrate the return to downtown’s parks, plazas and other public spaces,” says Beth Weirick, CEO of Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21, in a press release. “As more and more visitors and employees ‘MKE It Back,’ we’re pleased to delight them with local performances and support the artists hard-hit by the pandemic. It’s truly a win-win.”

The schedule is big, and includes Milwaukee mainstays like Roxie Beane, Ethan Keller, the Extra Crispy Brass Band, God’s Outlaw, and more. There’s more than just music, too, with spoken word poetry from Kavon Cortez James, ghost stories from Gothic Milwaukee, kid-friendly entertainment from Around The World With Pocket Lady, and more.

Find the complete schedule HERE.

“Virtual tips are encouraged,” Buskerfest reminds us, “so keep your eyes peeled for signage next to each performer and help local music thrive.”

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