Ever have one of those mornings where you want to crawl into the nearest cave and dynamite the thing shut so you’ll never again see the light of day? (Mondays, amiright!) You were planning to get up bright and early at 6 a.m., but you just. couldn’t. get. out. of. bed. Finally, when you managed to drag your ass out at 9, you were already behind in your work and stressed out. This week was going to be different, you told yourself last night. Now, sitting in your office at 10:15, you’re struggling to keep up. Again.

Ah, the hell with it: Here’s a two-minute video I shot at about 9:30 this morning of some big waves on Lake Michigan. (It’s really wet and windy out there, you know.) Even though I was running behind I felt strangely compelled to drive down to McKinley Beach and check these waves out for myself. It’s something reputable news organizations do, right? Shoot video of waves? I think? I don’t know. It was pretty cool and the act of doing something semi-productive this morning made me feel better. Enjoy.


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