Greetings, beloved Milwaukee Record readers. Matt Wild here. It seems like only 365-ish days ago that the website currently searing itself into your eyeballs, Clockwork Orange-style, was born. Yes, on April 7, 2014, Tyler Maas and I launched Milwaukee Record to great fanfare and even greater acclaim. Men, women, and children cheered (not really). Mayor Barrett proclaimed the day to be “Milwaukee Record Day” (no he didn’t). Readers showered us with unequivocal and unilateral praise, a practice they would selflessly continue for the weeks and months to come (no comment). The world became a happier, saner, and tidier place (true story).

But seriously: we’ve had a blast this past year. We’ve been insanely proud of the nearly 1,000 original articles we’ve published (even the Bar Rescue ones), and we’ve been blown away by the outpouring of support from readers and sponsors alike. Creating and running the good ship Milwaukee Record has been nothing short of a dream gig. Thank you.

So let’s dance! On Friday, April 24, we’ll be celebrating our one-year anniversary at one of the best rock and roll joints in town, Linneman’s Riverwest Inn. (Not-so-coincidentally, Linneman’s was the first local business to pledge its support to Milwaukee Record, sight-unseen. We can’t thank you enough, Jim and Marty.) Joining us will be three of the best rock and roll bands in town: Space Raft (proud owner of the best Milwaukee album of 2014), The Trusty Knife (yes, they’re still together), and SIN BAD. Comedian Ryan Mason will be on hand for all your stand-up needs. Oh, and my old band, Holy Mary Motor Club, will reunite for a five-song mini set. We’ll probably do the one about the llama.

Join us, won’t you? The fun starts at 9 p.m., and it’ll only put you back six lousy bucks. (Here’s the Facebook event page.) Do it for yourself. Do it for us. Do it because the Neutral Milk Hotel show at the Riverside that night is sold out. Do it for Milwaukee.

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