When one thinks of Milwaukee bands most likely to release a Christmas song, one obviously thinks of The Grovelers. This is a long-running rockabilly/garage/punk band with album titles like Derelicts And Screw-Ups and Misplaced Cars And Blackouts, after all. What says “Merry Christmas!” more than that?

All kidding aside, it actually makes total sense for The Grovelers to release a Christmas tune, especially when that tune is a cover of ’60s rockabilly deep-cut “Sleigh Bell Rock.” Enjoy!

The original “Sleigh Bell Rock” was written by Chuck Blevins in 1960; the 2022 Grovelers version is part of the newly released Season For A Smile comp. That comp, which benefits the Team Bryce Foundation (“Devoted to giving children with disabilities & special needs a reason to smile”), contains other holiday ditties from Milwaukee groups GGOOLLDD, Testa Rosa, The Quilz, Lack Of Reason, and more. Buy it on CD or vinyl HERE.

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