It’s been more than a year since effortlessly cool Milwaukee band Surgeons In Heat released the effortlessly cool Bored Immortals. The record was a perfect distillation of the group’s chilled-out Spoon vibe, achieving a “hazy and almost regal sense of aloofness.” Now, in the frigid and bleak time of December 2019, Surgeons In Heat are back with a bright, bold, and wonderfully garish video for standout Bored Immortals track “By The End Of The Night.” Fans of Dario Argento, Nicolas Winding Refn, and Milwaukee’s Club Anything take note.

“I originally wanted to do an homage to Italian giallo films like those of Argento but with a modern twist,” explains the video’s director (and Surgeons In Heat’s bassist) Ryan Reeve. “I always thought certain Surgeons In Heat tracks and a slasher/horror plot would make for an intriguing dichotomy, and in this case the juxtaposition results in a double entendre where the song takes on a different meaning when presented with the video.”

Reeve is no stranger to Milwaukee video, having directed memorable clips for NO/NO, Platinum Boys, Sex Scenes, Soul Low, and more. His “By The End Of The Night” video is another solid entry, beginning with a terse domestic scene, segueing into a date gone horribly wrong, and ending with a neon-drenched journey/transformation. Actor Erika Sorensen is terrific in the lead role. Harrison Colby, meanwhile, gets a broken bottle to the neck. Enjoy!

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