It’s been more than a minute since we heard from Milwaukee psych-pop band Ravi/Lola. Back in 2019, the group released the delightful Neighborhood Daydream—an album, we should mention, that contained a song dedicated to beloved Milwaukee historian John Gurda. Now, in the waning moments of 2022, Ravi/Lola is back with a whimsical Christmas song, “Christmas Village Mouse.” Is it a song sung from the perspective of an old man who has a mouse living in his miniature Christmas village? Yes. Does the mouse itself sing a verse? Yes. Do things end well for the freeloading rodent? Hilariously, no.

Joining Ravi/Lola singer Casey Seymour on the track is Anton Sieger on bass and glockenspiel (check out Sieger’s Illicit Eagle project if you haven’t already done so) and Nick Wieczorkowski on drums and sleigh bells. As for the song’s heartless Christmas proprietor, all we can say is this: “Bah, humbug.”

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