After two decades on stage, seven studio records, and a list of opening opportunities most rappers would kill for, Rusty Pelicans (since changed to Rusty P’s) are an indisputable Milwaukee dynasty act. Based on the long-running hip-hop act’s flurry of activity in the last year and a half, though, they apparently missed that memo.

Since putting out Pull The Trigger as a two-piece in August or last year, Rusty P’s—which played its first show way back in December 1995—announced they would be reuniting with original members Oneself and Dana Coppa (as well as 88Nine’s Jordan “DJ Madhatter” Lee) to release an album to coincide with the group’s 20th anniversary. Shortly after, the P’s opened for Public Enemy at Summerfest, and collaborated with LMNtlyst on an album called LMNoP’s. Wednesday, some 54 weeks since the reunion was announced, the entire Rusty P’s lineup will reconvene on the Mad Planet’s stage to celebrate the outfit’s longevity and its impressive catalog.

Before this momentous Thanksgiving Eve event, the influential local rap staple released “One Moment,” a new single that shows—to quote the song—it’s like they never left. With a full force four-man flow and the production backing of a crunchy wah-wah pedal guitar and billowing horns, “One Moment” is a great comeback track from a seminal hip-hop group that never actually went anywhere. They played it last week as part of a Tap Milwaukee live video, but Uni.Fi Records posted the record version last night. Before Rusty P’s celebrates the big 2-0 at Mad Planet tomorrow night, give “One Moment” one moment of your day.

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