Mitch Ciohon, the owner of award-winning taco purveyor Gypsy Taco (and a Gypsy Burger offshoot), announced he would be changing the name of his business last month. “It has come to my attention that the name around which I have created a brand is offensive to the people from which it stems,” Ciohon wrote as part of a statement explaining his decision.

The chef concluded his apologetic and thoughtful statement by saying, “I ask only that all affected respect the time and capital necessary in the rebranding of a business. The process cannot be done overnight, but rest easy knowing it begins now with this.”

Less than a month after writing those words, it appears Ciohon’s business officially has a new name. Late Friday night, Ciohon posted a variety of logos for “Taco Moto MKE” and “Burger Moto MKE” on Instagram, along with the accompanying text “Yo. Peep my new shit. I love you. I love everyone.

The photo includes a few mock-ups of potential Taco Moto MKE and Burger Moto MKE designs. “I will get it all dialed in ASAP,” Ciohon wrote.

While this change is sure to fire people up and bring people out of the woodwork to defend the taco truck’s former name, Ciohon seems more than content making amazing tacos and burgers under a name that won’t offend anybody. Welcome, Moto.

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