Vegan eatery Celesta, 1978 N. Farwell Ave., has closed. Chef-owner Melanie Manuel shared the news on Facebook Thursday morning:

It is with a heavy heart that I am sharing some news with you today—Celesta Restaurant is now closed. Words cannot express my profound amazement for the support my team and I have received over the past five years- through my pop ups as Beatrix Foods, to opening the restaurant and navigating COVID, and sharing in your birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and just hopefully providing you with a nourishing meal when you needed one. I can’t thank everyone here, there are too many people that I’m beyond grateful for, but I do have to say the most unforgettable person I’ve worked with is our manager, Nina. She was behind much of our success.

But I am thrilled to announce that an incredible small business will be taking over the space very soon, one that will contribute great things to the neighborhood and community!

If you have an outstanding gift certificate, please go to our website tomorrow to see how to redeem it.

As for me, I’ll be offering some small events in the near future- dinner parties, cooking classes, and some collaborative pop ups. If you’re interested, please follow along here. Thank you again for your understanding and support!

Celesta opened in 2018 in the former home of Jow Nai Fouquet on the city’s east side.

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