Tiger King! It’s that true-crime Netflix sensation everyone on planet Earth has seen! Except me (Matt)! And now City Lounge in Cudahy is doing a Tiger King-inspired “pop-up bar experience” from August 14 through September 6! Roar!

So, um, how ’bout that Carole Baskin? Did she kill her husband or something? Crazy! How about the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic? How about…um…er…seriously, I made it halfway through the opening credits one random night two months ago and haven’t thought of this show since. No judgement or anything, but I dunno—who has time for these 8,000-hour Netflix things when Dateline NBC could cover the whole case in 45 minutes? Give me Keith Morrison and/or Josh Mankiewicz any day.

Here are the pop-up details:

King of Tigers : A Pop Up Bar Experience
Aug 14th – Sept 6th
Journey back to the madness for immersive fun!
21+ No exceptions

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, enjoy!
Custom Cocktail Menu
Trivia Nights FREE to Play
Aug 20th 7pm
Aug 27th 7pm
Plenty of photo opportunities and fun sets.
Enjoy the experience with friends & family instead of being stuck in quarantine having your mind blown on your own.

“It’s just one of those super crazy, wild things that I think we could have a lot of fun with,” City Lounge owner Alex Ahmad tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We won’t have real tigers, for obvious reasons, but we’re going to see what we can get in and make on our own.” Sounds good! Also, I’ve seen exactly zero hours of Making A Murderer!

Tiger King! (R.I.P. Roy.)

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