If you’re looking to get in some sweet, sweet (and cold) scooting action, you’re out of luck, Milwaukee.

Yes, the city’s 2021 Dockless Scooter Pilot Study, which began June 1, ended today, November 15. “Scooter companies (operators) had until midnight to deactivate their scooters and have 24 hours to remove them,” a press release says.

That press release continues:

The purpose of the pilot was to observe, solicit feedback on, and evaluate the effectiveness of dockless scooters in Milwaukee for the purpose of determining how to best incorporate scooters into the transportation landscape moving forward. People wishing to provide feedback, regardless of whether they’ve used a scooter or not, are encouraged to take our scooter survey which will be available through December 31, 2021.

You can take that survey HERE. You can find our answers to the survey HERE.

“DPW will conduct a full evaluation of the program,” continues the press release, “which will include analyzing ridership statistics, public survey results, interviews with stakeholders, and other public feedback, and will use this information to recommend next steps.” Good luck, Bird, Spin, and Lime.

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