Sigh. Earlier this week, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett gently mocked Milwaukee County Sheriff David “Edgelord” Clarke, saying, “I think he’s got a great gig going right now. He’s fightin’ crime one conservative cable TV show at a time.” On Friday, Clarke issued a (second) rebuttal to Barrett’s comments, not-so-gently mocking the time the mayor was assaulted at State Fair Park in 2009 while coming to the aid of a grandmother and her 1-year-old grandson, and threatening to beat the shit out of him himself.

“The last time Tom Barrett showed up at a crime scene he got his ass kicked by a drunk, tire-iron-wielding man who beat him within inches of his life,” Clarke wrote in a long Facebook rant we won’t bother posting here because, seriously, fuck this guy. “The milquetoast mayor trying to play cop foolishly thought he could simply talk the man who beat him senseless into backing down. Bet he won’t try that again!”

Clarke, who, again, fuck this guy, finished his lengthy screed against Barrett with this: “Time to crawl back into your hole Tom, unless you want some more of this because I have some.” A picture of an injured Barrett was also included.

Oh, and here’s all the other stupid shit this guy has been up to lately (and all the other people he’s been threatening to beat up and/or kill).