Politics, politicians, and life in general: it’s enough to make you drink. So why not crack open a cold one if you’re going to discuss the hellscape that is 2018? That’s just what U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin did Thursday night when she dropped by the set of NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers. Yes, Baldwin was there to talk Trump, reelections, special interests, Big Pharma, and being openly gay, but she was also there to spread the good word of Wisconsin beer. Namely New Glarus Brewing‘s ever-popular Spotted Cow.

“You come from Wisconsin, which is known for cheese and beer,” Meyers says, much to the dismay of every Wisconsinite who loses it when people say that. “And a lot of other things!” Baldwin replies, much to the delight of every Wisconsinite who says that very thing when confronted with the first statement. From there, Meyers and Baldwin break out the Spotted Cow (identified only as a “famous beer”) and talk turkey.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon had Dave Matthews sing some Cardi B songs. Watch Meyers and Baldwin drink some Spotted Cow below…

…and watch the rest of Baldwin’s appearance, too.

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