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Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is awesome, full stop. Some quick factoids: the MPS Class of 2018 earned $86.2 million in scholarships; according to the U.S. News and World Report, MPS boasts five of the state and nation’s top high schools; MPS serves more than 75,000 students; MPS represents the future of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the country. Thank you, MPS, for everything that you do.

And here’s a nice capper: MPS is currently working to improve the health of its students by eliminating the so-called “Harmful 7” ingredients from its menu. In a press conference on Thursday, Milwaukee Public Schools Department of Nutrition Services announced a three-year partnership with Life Time Foundation in order to “evaluate foods and look for substitutions to eliminate certain additives and processed ingredients that may have health consequences.” Those “Harmful 7” ingredients are trans fats and hydrogenated oils; high-fructose corn syrup; hormones and antibiotics; processed and artificial sweeteners; artificial colors and flavors; artificial preservatives; and bleached flour. The district says it has already eliminated two of these categories.

“Many of our families depend upon school meals to feed their children,” says Dr. Keith P. Posley, superintendent, in a press release. “We owe it to our young learners to remove ingredients that can interfere with good health or brain function. Better health can lead to better success in school.”

Awesome news. Want to get involved and/or donate to MPS? Click HERE. And thank a teacher. [Milwaukee Public Schools]

• There was going to be a transit strike but now there isn’t. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Summerfest officials were supposed to meet with the Harbor Commission’s Marketing and Finance & Personnel Committees but then they didn’t. [Urban Milwaukee]

• A new permanent bar, Miss Lizzie’s, has opened in the Miller High Life Theatre. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Milwaukee’s Fox 6 will soon actually be owned by Fox. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• New Flat Teeth video! The group will celebrate the release of its latest album, Silent Seconds, tonight at Cactus Club. [YouTube]

• Headline question: “What happens to electric scooters in Milwaukee in the winter?” Article answer: “Staff from Bird, Lime and Spin will monitor the forecast and decide to take scooters off the roads during storms or when they determine it is unsafe. Local scooter-chargers, who typically collect them nightly to refuel, will return them the next day or when it becomes safe again.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• MobCraft Beer in Walker’s Point “will continue its growth and expansion with additional fermenters for more beer production and the proposal for an outdoor beer garden.” [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Those heated domes on the roof of Café Benelux are returning for a second season. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• Jona’s Pit Stop, “a grab-and-go store selling Mexican ice cream and other foods,” will open soon on Brady Street. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• Milwaukee is one of “10 Places to Travel In 2020—Before Everyone Else Does.” Great job, Milwaukee! [Wall Street Journal]

• Have a great weekend, Milwaukee!

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